When It Rains… It Pours

I must confess there is something about the rains that I find depressing  – grey, gloomy, wet. ok I just HATE the rains! Don’t see the romance… most days it rains like one could head out with their shower gel and loofah to bathe in Maximum City

During my growing years thanks to visions of Sridevi singing Megha Re Megha in Lamhe & Na Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai in Chaalbaaz – I enjoyed the rains, got wet danced, Until…..

So, I grew up in Chennai in T. Nagar for those who are familiar with the city, rains are a disaster in that area, its low lying and flooding is normally knee level. As a 12 year old that was exciting… Yes exciting to walk out of your house to go to the neighbors wading through knee deep water. One of those happy days I saw Gow Maata(A cow) peeing in it. Life changing moment that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets move further to 2011 when I moved to Mumbai… and all people would ask me How are you going to get through the monsoon.  And it was very amusing that a Chennai girl was moving to Bombay and the monsoons here last forever. Well 2012 was good to me, but bad for everyone else. It was a bad monsoon, and here I was wondering what the big deal was. I waded through knee deep water just once!

This year,  I remember it was the last week of May and the first showers were experienced and I saw the City welcome the monsoon. So much excitement… over it. Ohhh the rains, Ohh the Bhajiyas… Ohh the chai… Ohh the beautiful skies. Obviously I was the Scrooge.  We are on August 1st today and its still raining – every morning, every evening no signs of stopping.

I hate the rains I really do! I crave for Sunshine. I feel as pale as a vampire and Im just yearning for a bit of sun. I’ve walked in the rain, felt my running shoes squishing with water. Been in an Auto when it suddenly starts raining and the damn curtain wont come down. That by the way is a better time, because other days I don’t get an auto, because bandra west auto guys will not go out of here, even to Bandra east. That by the way is another story. Wet damp smell, clothes that never seem to be dry, ruined shoes, reach office dripping, reach meeting frazzled, get stuck indoors… the list of my monsoon woes just goes on and on

I realise that all one can do after a point is surrender. Surrender and make peace with the rain and convince oneself that they love it. For instance I learnt that hanging out at Worli Seaface and Bandstand when it rains is an activity. People want to be sprayed with water (I dont even want to think, how dirty that is). I have seen families do it, so its not a teenager thing. I think most people are in a bad mood because of this horrible weather!

I have no idea when the rain will end this year, but as I write this I know I need to make my peace with the rains as this city has. Ignore it, Enjoy it, but not let it get to you. Perhaps its something I must learn, or get used to it – just like the smell of this City. Until I attain the nirvanic state of  monsoon appreciation,  I’m in the place where the rain makes me highly emotional and I keep listening to the beatles song, here comes the sun… and yearn and crave and pray for Glorious Happy Sunshine


2 thoughts on “When It Rains… It Pours

  1. yup..nothing as depressing..nay , frustrating as the rains in this city..just don’t get the point of mumbai becoming beautiful during the rains.. hate the rains!!


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