Hungry for Healthy!

Surprise Surprise!!! I love eating out! 

Well, who doesn’t.  Eating out is an enjoyable social experience and more than anything it’s food for the soul. It feeds the gluttonous streak in me, and gives me the satisfaction of having sinned – Gluttony is after all one of the 7 sins. Apart from that I love the ritual of going out  – dressing up / dressing down, seeing people having fun! 

Let’s accept that Sinning comes with guilt and I hate the feeling of guilt and the fear of expanding hips. Unfortunately I’m not one of those blessed skinny people who eat as much as they want and it doesn’t show. I have to watch what I eat and long ago I embarked on a journey of lifestyle change. My endeavor therefore when I eat out is look for the healthy option at every restaurant. I try and follow some rules always  – Nothing made of maida… Nothing fried… No white sauce… No cream.. Sauce on the side! 

Let, me tell you that’s discounting almost 80% of the food menu at any restaurant for a vegetarian. When I’m in my Chickenatrian phase its slightly easier to eat healthy. However I have been pleasantly surprised increasingly – that  I have options in most of the restaurants, that already have healthy options on their menu, or all willing to customize meals on request.


I’ve decided to chronicle my quest for the healthy under the tag  –  “Hungry for Healthy”  



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