E.A.S.T for Culinary Travel – #FoodComa

South East Asian Cuisine for a lot of us growing up was simply Chindian – Manchurian, Fried Rice and Hakka Noodles. That, till our palates evolved and we realized that theres a world beyond Chindian. For a seasoned palate, and a lover of South East Asian food E A S T at Sahara Star is definitely a must on your list.

True to it’s name – East Asian Spice Trail at Sahara Star Mumbai serves up an array of flavors from this region. Your introduction to it starts right from the plate. The edges of the plate have the countries of South East Asia, whose cuisine the chef whips up. You know when a restaurant has given so much thought to their plate, the attention to details with the food would be impeccable.




Japanese Sushi 

My most favorite item from the meal was the Avocado Sushi. I loved it, especially because the flavour of the avocado with the Cheese was perfect. The best part was that the rice wasn’t as heavy as it tends to be in most sushi, but while the texture was still a bit chewy, and sticky, it had the right amount of lightness to it. The best part about that? You can down several pieces of it, while still having place for the rest of the yummy food on the menu.




Vietnamese Rolls

Not only were the Vietnamese Rolls gorgeous, they were also one of the healthiest starters I have eaten. Instead of oily spring rolls the Vietnamese rolls  are a much better option. The rice paper rolls, light vermicelli noodles and vegetables, were a different take for my palate. Frankly one I prefer over a greasy spring roll!


Wholesome Thai

Raw Papaya Pad Thai

While I have often seen the Raw Papaya Salad, and Pad Thai noodles as different items on menus, this was the first time I had tasted the Raw Papaya Pad Thai. Needless to say the twist is friendly to the palate.


Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry, tops my list of comfort foods. There’s something about that mix of lemon grass, coconut milk and all those delectable spices that makes it a happy food for me. I have eaten some thick, not so great curries in my time, but at E A S T I must say, that the Curry is extremely comforting and delicious. Not a fan of the ridiculously thick curries one tends to have more often than not. This was the perfect consistency to wolf down with Sticky Rice.



Dessert Trail 

My Favorite Dessert of the evening was the Coconut Pandaan Jelly. It is impossible to be satiated with just one. Served with toothpicks, you should ideally pop the whole piece into your mouth. The best part of the jelly is the amalgamation of the two flavors that complement each other perfectly. This is again such a light item that it is impossible to keep count of how many you may have wiped off.


The menu also has some western desserts, because we love our Chocolate Mousse, and Tarts, but the clear winner and what I would go back for is easily the Coconut Pandaan Jelly


Eating Out is a delightful experience, and when the eating experience transports me to different places it only adds to it, and makes it even more special. My meal at EAST felt like a culinary holiday with samples of different cuisines of South East Asia. Being Vegetarian I am happy to discover variety in food at restaurants, as I truly believe that very few  speciality restaurants do justice to it and EAST got my vote.

I would love to hear what your experience was at EAST, and if I have missed out some item on the list,  do ping me. I should get ready for my second inning at the restaurant soon.



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