#Goa – Sunsets, Beaches & Food



Goa for me translates into being a walrus on the beach and indulging in some great food, even though I am vegetarian/ eggetarian. While I think the sea food maniacs have a different kind of greed in their eye when they think of Goa, I have made an effort to scout some memorable meals / places which are absolute delights. They ensure that I am planning a trip back before I finish the one I am on.

Here are a few of my favorites, and why I think they are fabulous


Having read about Master Chef finalist Sarah Todd’s new restaurant Antares in Goa, it was first on my list to try. I made bookings as soon as we decided to travel, and requested for a table with the best view. While amongst many things that were handed on a platter, this wasn’t , in spite of a booking about 3 weeks ago, I still had to wriggle my way in. I would say however it was worth it. We spent about 4 hours there. The best time to get there is about 5.30 pm, so that you can bask in the sunset



View from the best seat at Antares



The drinks are a highlight . The “Summer Abroad” is especially a hit to cool down – Gin, Cucumber, fresh ginger and lemon as is the Bourbon Sidecar, which has whiskey, triple sec and lime juice.

I started with the Braised Spinach, Bulgur Wheat, soaked currants, pecan and blue cheese small plate. While I loved it, I wish the pecan pieces were a bit bigger, I would have liked more crunch in the dish. It can also serve as a main, if you are someone with a small appetite.  We also had the Pesto Cappelini, which was pretty good. The highlight however was the dessert for me. We had Sarah Todd’s famous iced nougat with pistachio, cranberry and pomegranate. I am afraid I have not watched the show very regularly so I don’t know if she made it on the show. However, as I prefer non chocolate desserts, this was an delight. The various flavors and textures make it a sensory delight.


Pesto Cappellini


Iced Nougat


It is a perfect spot for hours of unwinding, and priced at par with a fairly premium restaurant in Mumbai.

Coffee and Breakfast 

While I am seriously considering carrying my coffee stash when I travel, because as I am growing older, I am getting more and more impatient with bad coffee. I found my answer at ArtJuna. It is the most delightful place, with beds for swings, open air and a calm and serene vibe to the place. I feel in most of these places, the food tastes better simply because it is fresher.


Best Cappuccino in Goa

Their Coffee is excellent, strong, fresh and full bodied. Their croissants, fresh and buttery as they come. It is as amazing as the ones we get in Suzette at 9.00 am in Mumbai. It did not need a speck of the butter it was served with.




Muesli and Fresh Fruit

Their pesto omelette is different, a first for me. It has a fresh, green flavour. I never thought that the combination would be as yummy as it turned out. Also I was wondering why I did not discover it before. Shakshouka is a hell of a portion served with some fresh bread.


Pesto Omelette

La Plage


From La Plage – Ashwem

One day has to be written off to La Plage. It is on the Ashwem beach, and right outside you can rent a bed under the shade for as less as 100 bucks. We like to go there early and just chill at the beach before going to enjoy a fabulous meal. I noticed that they had overhauled their menu, since the last time I had been there. I love this about restaurants that I like, because it keeps me from getting bored.

I treated myself to a Crunchy granny smith apple salad, with kale, celery and walnuts in rasberry vinegar. The icing on this cake though was the avocado and curry leaves mousse – I thought a radical combination and something I never thought would work so well together. We also had a chocolate thali, I will let the picture below do the talking for it. However, I found it way too intense with all the chocolate. I prefer the fruit thali that I had eaten there the last time I was there. I thought it had more variety and distinct flavour. This was simply Death By Chocolate.


Crunchy Granny Smith Apples with Avocado & Curry Leaf Mousse



Chocolate Thali

So these are some of my favorite go to places in Goa, and yours? Would love to hear about them and take notes for next time.






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