#NRI – Not Really Indian but…  

NRI or Not Really Indian is the newbie in town on BKC. What I love about most of the new restaurants is that, they are anything but usual. This makes going out an interesting exercise. The menus are unpredictable and somewhere, you know the team and the chef are working hard to make it a memorable meal for you. The key seems to be hit a spot with nostalgia and familiar flavors as well.

As the name suggests, the fare is Not Really Indian, but the fun part is, that it is Indian cuisine, from different parts of the world where people from the sub continent migrated several years ago. Therefore you see dishes from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Caribbean on the menu. Suddenly Indian Food for vegetarians goes beyond Dal Makahani, and Veg Jalfrezi…  and Thank you for that.

The food is bursting with flavors and tends to be more Indian than not. I think somewhere it captures the Indian flavors communities living abroad tend to retain and merge with the cuisine of their foreign native. My favorite starters on the menu are the ShakarKand Chaat and the Cilantro Paneer. The Shakarkand Chaat is  chatpata, but the twist is the yoghurt foam that has a light texture about it, that is uncanny of yoghurt. It simply dissapears in your mouth whilst teasing you with the flavor.







Some of their starters work really well as the main course. I have a soft spot for the Singapore Noodles. The glass rice noodles are really interesting, full of flavour and have a distinct taste of turmeric in it. It almost seems like a cross between chindian and semiya.




My second most favorite item there, which i seriously think they must offer as a combo is the Butter Mushroom starter, which has a generous dose of pepper and curry leaves. I had first ordered this as a starter, but this with a Buss Up Shut Roti or a Canai Roti is an insane combination and one that you can go back for again and again. The Buss Up Shut Roti is a Laccha Paratha or a Parotta, that has been “busted” – as explained by their manager once.






My other recommendation to try on the menu is definitely  the Sri Lankan Potli, a Spicy curry, with green tomatoes served with an Idiappam. I would ideally serve these with two, because there’s too little idiappam and too much curry. While the curry is thick enough to be eaten just like that, i find it a tad too spicy to be had on it’s own.



The most fun part of the meal is the Dessert Cart. They have a little cart that comes around at the end of the meal, that you can choose from. I have had the cheese cake, and the chocolate mousse with an Orange center. While the exercise of choosing the dessert is very exciting, I am yet to feel the excitement as I did for the food itself.



I have to make special mention of their cocktails as well, which seemed delectable. I tried the “English Summer” which I loved, and which could be what I naturally lean to the next time I am there as well. It was Gin, Elderflower and Green Apple. Fruity and Flowery, it made me feel like I was having a detox drink 😉  They also stock the good old drinks, not just fancy cocktails and they say that they will put together a drink of your choice f they can!



Would I go back there again? Of course I will. Except I hope that they add more items to the menu. It is spacious and has a really really friendly vibe. It tends to get crowded with office crowd, so I have found it more difficult to get a table during the week, and it’s more peaceful during lunch. It is spacious and not very crowded so works for me. On your way out, help yourself to imli golis, kismi toffees and other knick knacks.







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