BAD Coffee – Yes Please! #NewBandraCafe

Being a coffee drinker, and a disappointed one, at most times in Mumbai, when I saw claims of the “best coffee in town” by a new cafe, I simply had to try it out. Having grown up in a city where one seldom drinks bad coffee and a palate that’s used to filter coffee on a daily basis, I’m a fussy coffee drinker. I would rather have NO coffee than BAD.

A visit to the BAD cafe is a delight for a coffee enthusiast. The key to good coffee is acknowledging that your beans need to be sourced from the right place. That’s where the BAD CAFE gets it right.In my chat with them, I found out that they sourced them from coffee plantations in Tamil Nadu. It’s run by a very charming brother and sister duo, who I have seen whenever I have been there. Extremely helpful when it comes to choosing your coffee, because they have a wide range and choosing is confusing.

While I love me a good cappuccino, as I find it the safest satisfying bet, there’s a lot to experiment with at the BAD Cafe.  The Turkish coffee is spiced. The Bon Bon is especially decadent, you must order it only if you enjoy condensed milk or an exceptionally sweet coffee. The hazelnut cappuccino is delicately flavored, however my Favorite is the cappuccino which I love because it’s a fantastic blend, full bodied and strong and the froth is extremely light yet overflowing and a complete pleasure to scoop out with a spoon before you get to the brew 🙂











Apart from the great coffee, they have an extensive food menu. Be sure to have duo lingo on your phone, because the menu is primarily in Spanish! My favorite on the menu is a Ricotta, Strawberry and pesto Sandwich. I like it because this is one of the few places that uses Ricotta generously and in a way I like it. Ive been there a few times and have eaten it every time, because it makes sense to take advantage of the season.



The French Toast and the Beetroot Pancakes are winners too, and the best part of course is the generous and fresh cream cheese on the side. If I did have to choose between the two, I am partial to the Beetroot Pancake hands down. The Pistachio Hummus with brown butter is utterly precious. It’s smooth, rich and light all at the same time.








My view of the place is colored with Vegetarian glasses and a sweet tooth, but I must say they have a substantial offering for those who enjoy their meat as well.

My other reasons to love them. They do an all day breakfast. Do brunch, Do brinner… I’m on team pancakes for dinner in any case. They sell Mason and Co Organic Chocolates from Auroville. They are perhaps the only place in Mumbai where you can buy them. And of course SPACE, they are spread across 3 floors, and that as we all know is a rarity in Mumbai.

Of course this is a cafe that is ACTUALLY TUCKED away, so the best way to get there is by marking it on Google Maps, and take my word, just trust the map. It is off Perry Cross Road and you pass by a lot of little cottages to get there, but as I said, simply trust the map or check out their website




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