Running & Etiquette – Too much to ask?

A week from the mumbai marathon, it seems like the perfect time to revisit this! All ye runners… Let’s run but let’s also Be considerate about our fellow runners!



Running is something that I discovered in 2007-08. And now it is something that is very much part of what I like to do. I simply run, and it’s not about speed, or distance from doing it to lose weight I am now in a place where it’s simply something I do.

This year, on 30th July the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon site crashed. The Reason was perhaps that every runner in Mumbai who intended to run had logged in, keeping aside meetings, chores, errands, joblists with the single focus of registering to run the Marathon. In case it was a case of first come first served.

Several assurances by SCMM convinced people that it was okay to register in a calm manner and if we matched the criteria there was every chance of qualification. The next day I managed to register. If i make it, this will be my…

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