The Table Colaba- An Affair with #Foodcoma

Our plans to visit “The Table” for some reason were always plagued by postponement. Few weeks ago, I was determined to make it, and I did and all I can tell myself is Why Did it Take Me So… Long!!! We had read about the chef Alex Sanchez, and that the restaurant boasted of San Francisco inspired cuisine. Frankly, I would not know what that means exactly, but I was more than willing to find out.

Their Menu presents you with a tough decision of small plates and large plates. We decided to have dessert (but, naturally) so went easy on the small plates. Believe you, me, it is a tough decision. These are times the glutton in you wins over the romantic, and you are wishing you were there with a larger group, instead of date night 😛

So we started with a Roasted Beet Salad, which had a generous helping of Beet, Apples, Arugula, Blue Cheese and Walnuts. I would say this was perfect to simply whet our appetite.

image (6)


The pièce de résistance of the night for us however was the taglierni pasta with Black Truffle. On our recent trip to Italy, we had discovered how glorious a generous helping of truffles can be. It is a true feast to the senses. We frankly placed the order with much trepidation as we had been dissapointed by the truffle risotto even at Jamie’s in Dubai after our trip.

We knew this was going to be awesome on it’s arrival. As the waiter brought our plate we knew they had been generous with those elusive truffles because we smelt them. And it is a heady aroma, and seemed like they had used actual black truffle and not the rationed drizzle that most places tend to do. Let me simply say that we were not dissapointed at all. In fact hugely relieved that our truffle cravings can be satiated in Mumbai and we do not have to break our bank balance by heading out to Europe!

image (2)

The next main that we ordered, I did because it had pecorino cheese. Frankly I do not recollect having seen it on any menu until now. This was pasta, sun dried tomatoes, sicilian olives and fresh tomatoes. It was a bit salty because of the pecorino. A delight and if you like a strong cheese then this is the dish for you

image (1)


We were pretty full thanks to the Carb Fest we had indulged in, but there was no way that we were a leaving without dessert. While I have a sweet tooth, and enjoy anything sweet. I truly believe that quality desserts are never too sweet, and never leave you feeling sick. I mean you cannot go wrong with sugar, eggs, maida etc right?? But a truly good dessert i feel satiates without making you sick.

We chose the Black Pepper Strawberry Pavlova with Strawberry Ice. The burst of flavours and the distinct zing from pepper left us wanting for more!!! Loved it!! not the usual at all by any standards – And easily added to my list craveworthy foods

image (4)


We left extremely satisfied after our meal. It becomes difficult to get floored by food, when you eat outside as often as we do, simply out of greed. This was a meal we thoroughly enjoyed including the ambience and service. We sure are planning our  next trek from Bandra soon, and we know it will be worth it and more. As for pricing, it is fine dining but for the quality I would say still reasonably priced. Let me say that this was one place that I did not mind paying for the taxes too!








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