Gonguura – An Andhra Restaurant in Mumbai. #Finally

bloEvery person in Mumbai, who has craved Andhra Food in their time here and asked everyone (from south of the Vindhyas) they knew to check if there was any restaurant that served Andhra Food, only to get a negative reply, must be elated when they heard that “Gonguura” had opened in Mumbai.

While I made my peace with fairly mediocre tamil food, pretty decent kerala food, andhra was always elusive. So I for one was very excited and had to make the trek one fine weekend. They are on Juhu Versova Link Road, on the main road itself.

As we sat down, I realised that the decor has an 80s tamil/ telegu film vibe. The furniture is “rose” colour yes rose, and they have those beaded curtains which were all the rage in the 80s. Simply out of a Chiranjeevi or Mohan film. As you sit at the table, they have Gonguura, Podi and Mango Pickle placed at the table. I made a mental authenticity tick mark

The Andhra Meal Essentials

The Andhra Meal Essentials

I obviously ordered the Andhra Meal, and decided to go the whole hog quite literally. As you can see it is an extensive meal

Andhra Meal

Andhra Meal

Served with 2 chapathis, paruppu, sambar, rasam, variety rice, sabji, curd, sweets and two more Andhra curries, the meal is unlimited, wholesome and a true feast for the eyes.The food is spicy and I found it close to authentic in taste. I am a bit scarred by the constant addition of sugar in the sambar and rasam, that i felt i tasted it in this too. In any case, my nose was running, and my eyes were watering, so it was an andhra meal all right. I am unable to put my finger on it, but I did not find the food as tasty as the andhra food I have eaten in Chennai or Bangalore. Perhaps I need to make one more trek 😉

For those who feel intimidated by the meal, Gonguura offers a lot of other food. Idlis, Dosas, Pesarattu, Bajjis and the like. A special Kids Menu, with smaller portions. I indulged in a filter coffee, I was quite thrilled that they served it with powdered sugar. I felt that they could have had some more andhra sweets on the menu, they only had the sweet of the day, which the day I went was Kesari.

Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee

A part of me is really happy that we finally have an Andhra restaurant in Mumbai, and if you are heading there, you must know that it is a pure vegetarian restaurant. It had been a bit difficult for me to get company to go there but for anhdra food lovers, this is your only option in the city, so head there if you are craving an andhra meal

One thought on “Gonguura – An Andhra Restaurant in Mumbai. #Finally

  1. Thanks Swati for the review and feedback. The one difference between what you had in Chennai / Blore vs our outlet is that , ours is a little less spicy and we use garlic and other masala sparingly.

    People assume it is to customise it for the Mumbai palate. But thats not the case. We keep it so that the flavours of the vegetables and lentils can be felt and the whole experience is not overwhelmingly spicy alone. And incase one prefers the spicier version, we have the chutneys and pickles , so it can be made suitable spicy. Anycase, most of the Andhraites add pickles to all dishses including dal and curd rice.

    Please do come over once again. You could also try our other dishes like the Mirchi bajji and pesarattu, which are also our specialties. Also will be happy to take your feedback.



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