The NEW KID On the BLOCK – Soda Bottle OpenerWala !

Soda Bottle Openerwala is the fairly new kid in town, and as I understand it, its pretty crazy to get a table here. It’s full of kitsch, we have heard a great deal from our friends in Bangalore and Gurgaon and therefore we just HAVE to go there right??? Located in BKC, they serve up  parsi and mumbai favorites.

So, no surprise , I wanted to go there too, and I guess  I have finally hit old age, I cannot be bothered with standing around, and having too many people breathing down my neck, no matter how cool the place. I’ve been there in the afternoon twice, and made it a point to get there by 12ish, so that I could get a table. And I struck gold both times.  I like that Soda Bottle Openerwala has the crowd problem all sorted out. The bar cannot get crowded, simply because of the way it is built. They have a little table jutting out with three bar stools around it, which ensures that people don’t simply snuggle in and crowd. As soon as I noticed that I loved it.

Last Sunday, I also noticed that they were serving Iced Tea to all those who were out in the sun waiting for a table. I knew friends who had been there an hour or more…  These little gestures make all the difference between loving a place and liking it 🙂

The Ambience is quirky and fun, like the community whose food it represents. I adore the checked table cloth, and lace and the irani cafe vibe that they have successfully recreated.  There are a lot of conversation starters in the decor, in the menu. Be it a Parsi family tree, a Documentary playing about the parsis, Menu that pokes fun at universally acknowledged Parsi Quirks. 🙂 My personal favorite is the toy train that runs the length and breadth of the restaurant and the clocks which show you the time in Mumbai, London, Persia and Timbuctoo.



Coming to the food, I decided to sample the Parsi traditional food. I have eaten Parsi food only at Britannia in town and at a Parsi friend’s house. So while I cannot comment on the authenticity of the food, having a palate that’s fairly seasoned, I know a good meal when I have one!

The Drinks 

That’s a Sekanje Bin – My Bohri friend tells me that it is a home remedy for a bad stomach. The highlight however was the generous portion of plums in it. They do need to serve this with one of those straw spoons that will allow us to eat those yumm plums.



Bun Butter and Jam  – Nostalgia. Fresh Buns, what I liked was the fact that they were not dense. I am not a fan of how Maida makes me feel after I eat it, but this left me with no heaviness that is invariably caused by maida. I may also have been living in denial, because Bun Butter Jam was a childhood vice, bought from a local bakery. Mainly after much negotiation with mother dearest.


Eggs Kejriwal – They eggs Kejriwal, is a traditional Mumbai Club Recipe and it’s eggy, cheesy and you feel the zing of chilli as you should. The fun twist however is the mushrooms in it too. Ordered it both times I was there. I am all for restaurants having eggs on starter menus too!


Two Parsi iconics were sampled. The Dhansak and the Berry Pulao. The Dhansak comes in your own little Tiffin Box. It is quite dramatic I must say and it happened so quickly and I did not get a picture. The dabba opened is a bit less dramatic. The food however was great.




Brown Rice


Their portions are pretty wholesome, so go in a group or take a doggy bag, because any good meal simply must end with delectable dessert. At least for me it should 🙂 The Lagan Nu Custard and Falooda was tried. If I have to pick favorites then my easy pick is the Custard for sure. I wish the condiments in the Falooda were better tasting

While I enjoyed the experience thoroughly and I am likely to go there several times over, I truly wish that they served their food on nicer looking plates. I get the whole Irani Cafe, and old world charm thing that they are trying to stay true to. But the aged tiffin box was a bit too aged for my liking. A little bit of effort in making it nicer, instead of keeping it so old would make it a more pleasant experience undoubtedly.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Would love to hear from you, if you think there is something else I should try!

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