It’s all about the silk

Today is #NationalHandloomDay seems the perfect day to revisit this blog


Where Do I Begin… the sweet love story, of my love for sarees? I think most Indian girls would share these sentiments. No Matter how much I lust for designer wear, the happiness that a saree brings remains unparalleled.

For me, Childhood memories are filled with me playing house and trying to drape a dupatta as a saree, pretending to be a house guest, that my sister would have painstakingly dressed up in my mom’s saree, or many a boring afternoon spent simply browsing silks and staking claim, that you would wear it at some distant cousin’s wedding, looking forward to the sarees that I received as gifts every year during the festivals. All I can decipher it’s difficult to pin a moment when the affair started.

Having spent my formative years in Chennai, my favorite saree is the Kanjivaram saree. While I love Chanderi’s, Banarasis, Tussar’s and Cottons, I…

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