Five Things to Wear When You have Nothing To Wear – #Wardrobe SOS

Yes… we are women who have overflowing wardrobes, yet every morning we have “NOTHING TO WEAR” . This is the story of my life whether it is a weekday or the week end. Sigh!

This melodramatic situation has plagued me since the day I joined College, until over a period of time I decided I had to put together an SOS plan. After having barely made it to office in the nick of time (Who want’s to lose leave because they are late and still end up spending the day in office, I want that attendance!!!), or turning up late for lunch dates, or getting in to arguments with the husband because I am “ALWAYS” late, I decided enough is enough and I need to have an SOS Wardrobe. These are my go to wardrobe essentials, when I need to get ready really quick. It barely takes me 2 minutes (after I have decided which of these I am going with)

Be it a Fat Day, Bad Day, Don’t know what others are wearing day, I realize that this SOS list has got me through many a time On Time! Most of these are No Brainers and probably on your list too, but it’s always nice to put out a List because we are so in to “Those Top 5 things” … Right?

1. The Dependable LBD OR LWD 

Do I need to say anything here at all… ? I cannot resist buying both these colours because they are so easy to slip in to, accessorize and dress up. I don’t think anyone has ever looked bad in a black dress or a white dress and this has always been a lifesaver.

Avoid a Body Con Dress for an SOS situation unless you are feeling super awesome about your body. I typically need to be REALLY SURE about Body Con even after a 12 km run. The most imperative point about these dresses is FIT. I prefer a straight Cut, because you don’t have to worry about any bumps and you can step out with barely a glance in the mirror and be completely sure that you are going to rock that day!


black dress


2. Coloured Pants / Favorite Skirts with a Nice Contrast Scarf or Jacket 

I’m not a Jeans person at all, which is why I have jeans that last me for over 7-8 years and look as good as new. I prefer pants or skirts any day. I have about 3-4 pants that I love and a few go to skirts that make life easy for me. Personally I love the colors and the fit of Cotton World Pants. I like to team them up with a top in a solid colour and a Nice Scarf.or a Jacket.. I have a couple of favorites and that always perks things up.

Skirt 5

skirt 4


3. A Shift Dress  

We owe Givenchy a lot! He has been credited with designing the shift dress in the 1960s . If the average poet in me ever attempts a eulogy it will be to the Shift Dress. I feel I can never have too many of them and give in to temptation most of them time as I buy them. I like the fabric of the shift dress to have a little bit of elastic mixed with the cotton or simply cotton, unless it’s a completely dressy outfit. I personally hate the terrible polyester fabrics that Zara and Mango are churning out these days. Believe me that’s not SOS, cos it’s going to stick to you.

Shift Dress

Shift dress 2

I loved this article… Here you go, if you want to read more about  the erstwhile shift dress…

4. A Saree

I know I know… it’s not really a remedy, because for most people wearing a saree is a pre-meditated excercise. I love wearing sarees, and can wear them all day with decent amount of ease. Cotton and Kota fabrics work well for the day. I don’t wear them too often though because they end up being too dramatic. I think because most people are used to seeing me in more casual clothes.  But that’s no excuse, but the rest of my SOS has come to the rescue and I have used this less often.

saree 1

saree 2

5. A Nice Pair of Shoes 

Shoes… Shoes… Shoes. Doesn’t matter what you are wearing but if you are wearing shoes that you love, you can get through feeling unstoppable! So when you are not sure about what you are wearing, simply slip on a pair that you love and believe me you should have a good day.

Nude Pumps



I hope my list was fun for you to read, would love to hear what’s on your list. Maybe the next time I will have a list of 10! Talk to me Girls.. 🙂

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