Food Coma Pick – An Italian Fiesta at Pali Village Cafe

There are restaurants where sometimes the same dish is a hit or a miss or  the experience is a hit or a miss. My Food Coma Pick at Pali Village Cafe has hit bulls eye every time and never ever missed. The husband and I discovered this meal sometime last year, and it is one of the restaurants that my Non – Vegetarian Loving husband is happy to enjoy a wholesome Vegetarian Meal. I must confess, it took me two long years to convert him, because he would always refuse to go there because of the uncomfortable chairs and urge me to go there for my soirées with the ladies

The Meal  – ladies and gentlemen is a Roasted Beet and Goats Cheese Salad with a portion of Spaghetti Alio Olio. Sounds too simple to be soooooooo good no? Believe me it is! The restaurant always reminds me of a European Cafe, with jazz music playing in the background and during the nights a vintage European film projected on the window. A setting after my own heart. The food is legendary too…

The Salad 

A regular salad on the Face of it – Arugula leaves, Roasted BeetRoot, Goats Cheese with a generous dressing of lemon vinaigrette and balsamic drizzle and the crunch of walnuts.  I’ve seen  it oft on several Menus, and I tend to be one of those people who like to compare a dish, so that I know where it is unmissable.


of all the places that I have eaten the salad, Pali Village wins hands down. They seem to have got the combination of the dressing perfect, and the best part for me is always when I’m in the last leg of devouring the salad, I love to wipe the dressing off with the delectable bread that they always serve at the cafe 🙂

Fresh Bread

Fresh Bread

Spaghetti Alio Olio

This is one of my favorite pasta sauces, the beauty of which is in it’s simplicity. Lots of Olive Oil, lots of garlic, some olives and lots of chilli Flakes. We toss this on some days when we cook at home, but nothing comes close to this piece of heaven that the good chef at Pali Village Cafe Churns Out. I feel it is a dish of simplicity with generosity when it comes to the ingredients. Every time I indulge in this Carb Fest I also remind myself what Sophia Loren Said  – “Everything you see, I owe to Spaghetti” , assuages some of the guilt I feel.

The picture you see below has some chicken added to it, but I would say that you can blindly go for the vegetarian and you would be equally satisifed (unless you are a die hard carnivore)


Our allegiance to these dishes for the last year have come in the way of trying out the rest of the menu, except when we go in a larger group.  Having said that heading to Pali Village Cafe to enjoy these two dishes is a happy habit that we have grown to love. These two dishes are on my Food Coma Pick, I hope you enjoy them too, and find the zenzone that I have found too!

Would love to hear what you think of it. Leave me a comment.

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