My Experiments with Shoes – #Goodbye Shoe Rage

You will always find me staring a bit longer at pumps than at other shoes. I love shoes, but pumps set my heart racing just a little bit faster. I saw all my fashion icons wear them all the time, and I think at a sub conscious level I am highly influenced by them.

My earliest memory of pumps is from my childhood. My neighbor’s dad used to work in the “gelf” in the 80’s and he always came back with fancy phoren maal. This one time, he brought her yellow pumps. We all went gaga over them. We would have been 7 or 8, and she obviously had nowhere to wear them so we spent a good part of one summer holiday, simply taking turns wearing those yellow pumps and walking around her house and mine.

As I grew up, and my feet grew broader, it was bloody hard to find pumps that fit. Many an embarrassing “Cinderella’s wicked sister” moment has been spent at shoe stores, forcing my foot in, and finally resigning to the fact that, ALL pumps were not made for me. I have bought myself a few, but they rarely favor in my “choice to wear” shoes. While I have indulged in some designer shoes, I have not had the mindset to invest in iconic pumps, for fear of ending up with one that I will NEVER wear. Most of them, lie in my closet, and I wear it when I have the luxury of wearing it only for a few hours. My friend and I put “Shoe Rage” way above “Hunger”, “Road” and Fat Day Rage. I don’t know what is worse that they don’t fit, or I buy them and refrain from wearing some of them.

I discovered Shoe stretchers in a store in New York and I bought it, hoping that it would work it’s magic. I had nothing to lose right?  So Ladies, this is what I did a few days ago. I Chose my favorite, yet most painful pair of pumps. fixed the shoe stretcher on and left the shoe stretcher on them for about 2 days. I did this because the leather on the pump is stiff, so takes more time to stretch, a pump with patent leather, I would assume would take lesser time.


The ultimate test!

I chose to wear my favorite pumps out for an evening and let me tell you that they were a lot more comfortable than they had been before. They are really high so I couldn’t experiment with wearing them to work, though I think the ultimate experiment would be to get through a work day in those shoes. Excuse to buy one no? After all experiments are serious work. I’m hoping that these Shoe Stretchers are the answer to my “make my feet narrow” prayers.

Where can you buy these beauties?

Fear not, you do not have to wait for your next trip abroad to get your hands on these beauties. They are available online, but they are expensive, Would cost you about 1600 + . I bought the same thing at  — $ which is a fraction of the cost

Do let me know how this experiment goes with you, either because of this blog or if you have used this before. Would love to hear about it!

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