Week’s #FoodComaPick – Elvis Presley French Toast

People Who Love to Eat are Always the Best People.

Bon Appetit!

That’s a statement from Julia Child, and I relate to that philosophy. My friends and family are all people who enjoy  a good meal, whether it be at home or out. This gives me several opportunities to eat good food &  I firmly believe that no meal should be a waste. It could be a simple meal, but it needs to be a good meal.

I am beginning a weekly recommendation of something that I really enjoyed eating that week and if you like the sound of it, perhaps you should get it down on your list of things to try 🙂


This week’s  #FoodComaPick  – The Elvis Presley French Toast at the Colaba Social


The Decadent Elvis Presley French Toast

The Decadent Elvis Presley French Toast


More about the dish

I must confess, that this is a food item, that I have looked at lustfully every-time I have gone there, but never had the guts to order it, because it sounds just so damn sinful/heavenly. Totally felt like those prudes who actually censored and banned Elvis because he was too sexy & provocative!  Fact of the matter is that we eat out so much and therefore put pressure on eating healthy when we do, that sometimes you make the wiser choice.

But not last weekend. There is a God, and he is not going to keep good things away from me, for too long! My friends and I were out for brunch and decided to order it for the “table” . Just so that, one person was not committing the sin of gluttony!

The French Toast is smothered with Peanut Butter, the banana in between is dipped in french toast batter and a generous drizzle of toffee sauce. This is placed on a griddle and served with much rustic aplomb. I especially loved the toffee sauce, and enjoyed grazing a whole lot of it from the griddle.

This was the first bite of the morning and it took me to heaven and back in an instant.

The french toast is decadent, without being too sweet, which means that you can eat quite a bit of it, and once you have a bite you cannot stop.We contemplated ordering another one for the table but dismissed the idea as it was too indulgent. The rest of the food at Colaba Social is good, and definitely value for money, but this was fit for a King, and my guess is therefore the name.

If you try the toast, I would love to know what you think about it. It’s probably on my list of things to order every time! And yours?

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