Hungry for Healthy – Arya Bhavan

Eating healthy doesn’t always have to be gourmet. My weakness is South Indian Food and since I have moved to Mumbai, it has been my endeavor to find good south indian food. One such place for me has been Arya Bhavan, it has never dissapointed. Where else will one find it, but the melting point of everything South Indian in Mumbai  – Matunga!!! While there are other south indian food joints, Arya Bhavan is my favorite. Also being a creature of habit, and also someone who loves my south indian meal, I don’t take a chance with experiments, as that would just mean a meal gone waste!

My recommendations at Arya Bhavan would include Hot fluffy idlis, with one of the best sambar’s I have tasted in Mumbai. By Mumbai Sambar standards, thats not saying much, but Arya Bhavan would cut ice in Chennai as well. I always request for gun powder on the side. I find the crunch it adds to the Idli & Sambar satiates me.  They give you two options with the chutney,  both coconut, both goo!

Now, no one would go to a “tiffen” place and be satisfied with one “item”. I always have the Pongal, because there is dal and rice, yes Pongal as a dish cannot exist without the customary ghee, but that really is all right. My trick is to share the portion, therefore you have the joy of eating, without the guilt of hips!

Ending that Quick Breakfast with a Piping Hot Filter Kaapi, always does the trick. Though I must warn you, they tend to make it very sweet, so ask for Sugar on the side. I prefer my coffee strong & Milky rather than Sweet. ImageImageImage

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