Hungry For Healthy – Bird Song

In characteristic Bandra Cafe style, Bird Song is a delight. Tucked away in Waroda Road its an organic cafe, which is super quaint and just perfect for an idle evening. The sound of an organic cafe excites me always, there is something so guilt free about the word “organic” . It is almost therapeutic and has a slimming imagery in my head. There is no way that one can become fat  eating organic food or can they?

Honestly the “Bird Song” has it’s share of sin and apparently sin that is worth selling your soul for  – gluten free brownie, coconut & banana cake or even their carrot cake, it is Sinful, but Organic therefore must be good for you. Surprisingly when we went to eat their only meat option for non -vegetarians was Mutton, which I found odd, but because I’m primarily vegetarian I didn’t fret over it too much.

Let’s begin with their drinks that I loved – Lemon & Ginger drink, which had a strong flavour of both, which I loved. It seemed like a liquid ginger toffee & I absolutely Loved it. My second try was their banana & nuts smoothie. Frankly I wished that I was blessed with a bottomless glass. Fresh bananas, blended with yoghurt and a generous garnish of walnuts. Since I’ve had it, I often fantasize about having it again. No sugar at all, and not too thick, & not too thin. Manna land to me.

I tried their brown rice salad, which had a nice tang to it, rice was perfectly cooked I would definitely have it again. Their Grilled Vegetable Sandwich is healthy, but it seemed to me that they are pretty generous with the butter doused on the sandwich. Seemed like white, unsalted butter, but I’m not a fan of butter, so I made a mental note to ask them to ditch the butter the next time I go. Even when you order eggs they serve you pre buttered toast. Therefore if you are watching calories or do not like butter, then you must tell the guys at the restaurant, to give you toast. When I did that they gave me plain bread!

The verdict is that, the restaurant does have enough and more healthy options and some need to be tweaked, but it does seem like many a Sunday morning will be spent on quaint waroda road, with uber chic graffiti on the walls and most pretty floral seats. ImageImage

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