Hungry For Healthy – The Sassy Spoon

I loved Sassy Spoon as soon I gave the car to the valet . A Pink bicycle welcomed us. I don’t care much for cycles as I cannot ride one, but Pink as you can tell from my blog page design  – I adore! It started off on a great note, I wanted to Pin the restaurant on my Pinterest board – it was just so pretty… and quaint especially the trunk wall that I could’nt stop looking at (which you can see in the picture where I’m sipping wine) And we were out for brunch and it was so pretty and wonderful, one just had to have a drink. I chose the Berry Sangria, which came in the most lovely looking Wine glass almost gobletesque & it was perfect. By now I was already swooning, yet  a part of me was wondering  – I really hope I find something healthy to eat. After all, all the prettiness wouldn’t make me too happy if I HAD to order Veg Cannelloni smothered in white sauce!

The food Menu got me really excited, because frankly there are a lot of options for Hungry for Healthy! The salads got me really thrilled,  but having eaten only idlis for breakfast & being a carb addict, I wanted something more substantial. I chose the “whole wheat crepes” with cottage cheese with house salad, with pesto on the side. I had requested the waiter to ensure that my paneer stays as oil free as possible, as I don’t enjoy the taste of oil in my food. I got the perfectly done crepe – with a chunk of mildly flavored  paneer and pesto on the side. Instructions were followed to the T. I was in Swathi heaven! The Salad had water chestnuts, which are my favorite. My favorite is actually Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk at Benjarong in chennai & west end in Bangalore but beggars cannot be choosers so I was still excited about water chestnuts in my salad.

Now, that we had been so good with the main course, indulgence was called for, and we called for one dessert, but got two because the restaurant manager was an absolute darling. We ordered “Sassy Stacks” which was red velvet cake with a special twist & cappucino delight. So fresh, so light and may i use the word again perfect. Of course the icing on the cake was the Tiramisu. The Tiramisu was good, the cake had been soaked respectably long enough in alcohol, which wasn’t the best part- but 4 little roasted coffee beans that adorned the dessert. Needless to say, the best way to order dessert is in a group so that you have the pleasure of eating dessert without having to finish it. I look forward to many more trips there, I’m sure the Hungry for Healthy will find more than one thing to have here! I for one am looking forward to the brown rice paella, smoked aubergine mousaka and all their salads. It sure looks like I will be going to The Sassy Spoon often, & it won’t just be for the decor and great serviceIMG_20130804_075207ImageImageImageImage

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