Changing Times – Coffee Houses & Medieval Town Squares

So I’m an avid tweeter, If I can call myself that. It’s like I have so much to say! From being told by my grand dad that he would give me 10 rupees if I shut up for 15 minutes (back in 85 that was a fortune, and I never got it, cos in 5 mins I would ask him if 15 mins was up) to now, where Im either  actually tweeting or mind -blogging with my thoughts.

But going beyond, the me and myself of twitter these last few weeks Ive been amazed with being part of a community that one can reach out to and get an immediate response. its raining and the fashionista in me had been coveting a nice pair of gum boots! The one’s available just cannot be worn! Just then I set my eyes on these gorgeous ones  in Vero Moda- Pink, yellow and blue. it was like being in a Candy Store – except my bubble burst. They were only available in Size 40 & 41.Damn You girls with normal feet who discovered this before! Went to two of their stores of course it wasn’t available and got some vague replies like “madam abhi nahi aayega, agle hafte se sale hai” – whatever that means. Step 2. Found them on twitter, wrote about it and bang the reply, next day was that it was available in two of their stores, in my size right down to which colour, which store! I was the girl with my yellow gum boots by the end of the day!

On a more serious note, a friend has just begun a crusade fighting for the cause of  Dignified Security Norms for the Differently Abled. Read More of the story here . Was trying to  create awareness about it, was overwhelmed  with the support and of course going beyond that in a couple of hours almost 70 people had read that note, from my tweet and subsequent retweets. Her Note got close to 120+ shares.

I love the idea of the Social Network community, and how easy it is to be able to come together  to communicate – It’s Like one part of the world is one Big Community and you are out there and can reach out for just about anything. Its the 2.0 version of the Coffee House or the Medieval Town square.


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